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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 22, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the series and start your day with "fox and friends". we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> i'm not going to tell the president what to do. but, i think the world would very much respect his increased attention on this matter. >> the matter? america's declining status in the world. democratic senator feinstein is worried about that and you should be, too. we'll tell you why. >> who are way ramos of sister network fusion demonstrated the danger of this last leg of the treacherous border. swimming the rio grande. >> the border controversy continues to rage. national guard on the way in texas. the kids just keep on coming. we have an update tonight.
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>> i'll be right here. >> also ahead, how many americans believe there are aliens among us? how many think president obama was born in africa? we'll have the results of a startling new poll. >> there is a martian right behind me. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how some americans are giving president obama cover as the nation declines. that is is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. according to all polls, most americans believe the u.s.a. is in trouble on many fronts and they are holding president obama accountable for some of the distress. but not all. the president understands many americans are not paying attention to what's happening overseas. it's all too distant and complicated. the factor recent pew poll,
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a majority do not even want to fight terrorists who are surging in iraq. the question: do you think the u.s.a. has a responsibility to do something about the violence in iraq? 55% say no. 39% say yes. apparently many of us do not see the danger of the isis army. worse than al qaeda. establish ago base inside iraq. a base that could threaten the u.s.a. the 9/11 attack was the worse thing to happen to this country since world war ii. most of us were caught completely by surprise. few of us had even heard of al qaeda back then. well, the same thing is happening now. most americans don't know what the isis army is. they don't know that iran is close to having a nuclear weapon. and they don't know that israel is pretty much saying it it will not tolerate a nuclear iran and war may be looming. new york city right here, the media capital of the world. we asked some of the folks who live in the city about crucial issues overseas.
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>> do you have any idea what is happening in the middle east and in iran right now? >> no. i mean, i know there is a lot of stuff going on. but i'm just -- i don't like to pay attention to it. >> i'm not quite sure what is happening there. >> there is the gaza strip and the palestine, all of that is happening. i am more focused on what is happening in africa, bring back our girls. i think that is something being swept under the rug by everybody. >> i have to be honest with you, i haven't been up to date. i have been busy with my work schedule so i haven't been following. >> there is a civil war. and iran is under threat from syria, who would like iran to be and iraq to be part of the persian empire again. >> rihanna tweeted yesterday about free palestine and half of the united states freaked out about it. >> sectarian war. >> who is at war? >> sunnies and -- what's the other one? >> it's kind of -- i don't
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know, confused over there. >> like you? >> yeah. >> in this age of social' media becoming apathetic with their wallets and personal lives. many americans don't understand how weakness is putting all of us in danger, physical danger. in 1962, president kennedy wrote a letter to the commander of the american legion which said, quote: we must be strong. so that the weakest does not tempt hostile nations into miscalculations. has been encouraging to note that during the last months, our increased strength has produced more favorable tides in many parts of the world. jfk knowing that peace through strength is the only way security happens i wish president obama knew that and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us here in new york monica crowley and from washington kirsten powers. where am i going wrong here, kirsten? >> um, well, look, i
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don't -- i don't think you are going wrong anywhere if you are saying that obama isn't engaged as he should be. i think that he -- just remember before the election he had actually quite high ratings on foreign policy and they have come down a lot i think because americans feel there is a lot of chaos in the world and they think he is ♪ engaged. i would defend him on some areas like i think he made the right decision in leaving iraq. and other areas i would say that he hasn't been engaged. >> in hindsight though left maybe 25,000 troops there. wouldn't that have been the responsible thing to do? >> well, he couldn't do that because there was no status of forces agreement. >> that's debatable. that's real debatable whether that could have happened or not. >> yeah, i think there is also the problem of the fact that the american people absolutely wanted those troops out of there and obama was elected in large part to do that. >> i'm trying to make that point. the american people don't know what to duce is going on in the world and they don't. you say? >> that's where leadership comes.
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in sometimes you have to do what's unpopular with your own people in order to advance and protect your nation's interest. and we don't see he that happening. at least in the recent past here with the president. you played all of these clips. and i there think there a lot of things going on with the american public. first i think they are war weary. after academic indicated of constant threats of war people are burned out. the economy has been so bad for so long, they are worried about their own jobs and economic status. >> valid. >> i think jesse watters does this every week and we all have a chuckle at it this is a serious issue. there have a lot of low information voters out there. peer who don't know or don't care to know about what's going on in the world and what's going on in the country. >> that gives president obama cover, kirsten in the sense that his approval rating and job approval rating is hovering around 40%. has not gone below. it may this week as new numbers come in. but he doesn't -- i don't think he is feeling pressure about isis army or about iran nukes. i mean, extend the negotiation for another four
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months by giving the iranians, did you know, this kirsten, they had to give the iranians $2.8 billion. they had to bribe them to continue the negotiations. i mean, it's outrageous. who knows that? nobody knows it but me. you didn't know it because can i tell by your body language and face you didn't know it the united states just bribed iran to continue negotiating a deal they are not going to live up to. how insane is this and nobody knows. it's distressing me -- >> -- was it it an actual bribe like a pile of money under the table, bill? or was it -- >> -- froze 1,100,000,000,000 in assets. and they released 2. 8 of the assets if they would continue. it's the same thing. it's a bribe. i'm not saying that people should be like me. i make a living doing. this i'm paid to do it. but when you don't know anything, the president knows you you don't know anything and he knows there is no pressure from the public while there is pressure on the border. everybody knows that. >> i don't think that those people were necessarily representative of all americans. >> they were.
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>> americans know what's going on there are a few that have seen this movie before. they have seen the united states go get involved and they have seen. >> not like this it hasn't born good fruit for us. told to go in iraq and all these wonderful things were going to happen. >> give martha the last word. when you have a villain like putin. whether you have a villain news nation like iran and open border falling apart. these are problems that will transcend things we have seen in quite some time. >> last word. >> two things responsible for. this lack of presidential leadership. because, like i said, the job of the leader is to bring the country along with you. even down an unpopular road. if it's the best thing for the country, the second thing is, and this gets to what you are pointing out and the media and media's role. people only know what the media tells that. >> they don't watch the media anymore.
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how you can expect the american people to it know? >> we know bill o' premium members know what's going on. ladies, thank you. next on the rundown. an update from the southern border where chaos continues to reign. later, is it legal on a big obamacare set back in the courts today. also, strippers suing the san diego police ♪ ben! well, that was close! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money.
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term congressman who after 22 years in washington finds he'll be able to spend more time with his family. a bit of an upset now for david perdue. most polls showed jack kingston with a healthy lead here is whston lost it. he under performed in the southern strong hold he won in the 0s he also needed to win fulton and gwenette counties both were taken by karen handle, who threw her support behind kingston, asked voters to vote for him, but they didn't. they voted for david perdue. now, he faces michelle nunn, that will be tight as well. kelly? >> john, thank you. stay with fox news channel for the latest on this race now back over to "the o'reilly
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factor" segment tonight, update on the southern border on fusion tv this evening at 10:00 p.m., univision actor jorge ramos will present a special report from the border. as part of that presentation mr. ramos swam across the rio grande river himself. demonstrating how illegal aliens sometimes enter the u.s.a. as you may know, it's estimated about 100,000 migrant children along with hundreds of thousands of adults will enter the u.s.a. illegally by the end of this fiscal year in october. joining us now from miami is mr. ramos who is apparently toweled off. i would have liked to have got you right when you got up on the shore. what did you learn from the swim, first of all? >> well, you know, i learned that it is really dangerous, strong undercurrent, full of debris, contaminated. but, during the last nine months, 33 people have died, drowned just in the laredo area. what's interesting, bill, is
8:15 pm
that despite the danger, central american children prefer just to cross the river than just to stay home. i met a 15-year-old, -- killed his best friend. he was going to be next. he came to the united states because he believes that he won't be deported and that we have a policy and that the u.s. simply we do not deport children. >> okay. but we do. and we will. and that is the misleading thing. >> sometimes but not much. >> it will change jncts the majority of the children who came last year, for instance. >> got to stay. >> very few of them have been deported. >> that will have to change. because it's the unintended consequences are overwhelming. that's what i want to get into. article today in the "new york times" about brazil after the world cup. there is now fighting in the slums. people are being killed, drug cartels versus the army and police. we have terrible deprivation in nations like haiti. as you pointed out rightly in honduras, el salvador, guatemala, there are drug
8:16 pm
gangs everywhere. mexico is run large portions by cartels. we simply cannot absorb all the world's children. we can't jorge. >> sure. >> it would be nice if we could. >> i understand that. >> we cannot do it. >> we have got to protect them. >> but if we don't stop them from coming, the ones that are here, i think we have to have a quick hearing on them. and if there is a reason that their lives are in danger, certainly that has to be taken into consideration. >> a solution. >> no? >> solution is to seal down the border. >> i don't think any government should be in the business of importing endangered children. that's not the american way, that's not the christian way. >> how many children all over the world. >> treat them as if they are our own children. >> jorge, every children in subsahara, africa is in danger. every child in haiti is in danger because of malnutrition. in brazil millions and millions and millions of children are in danger. we can't do it. but you have. >> those who are already
8:17 pm
here, we have got to help them. they are refugees. >> we have to deal with them fairly and humanely, i agree. but you oppose a national guard on the border which would seal the border. you oppose it. and that troubles me, jorge. >> i think -- to send the national guard, i think it's absurd. i think it's useless, i think it's expensive. these children are not concern for the united states. they are not terrorists, they are not criminals. they are being detained. look, you have about 1200 miles of border between texas and mexico can, governor perry wants to send 1,000 national guard. one every mile is that going to help? >> no, no. no you know there are hot spots there. >> refugees, that's what they're. they are refugees. >>, look, jorge, let me make my case and you can refute it. it costs $1,000, at least, to get your kid here to the united states. they pay the human smugglers, as you mow, the cartels, all right? you put the u.s. military on the border and send the
8:18 pm
message that your money is going to be wasted. you are not going to get them through here. you stack them up where the sectors are needed in the rio grande, around laredo where you were, in parts of arizona. okay. you do that the pictures go out. and then the migration stops in conjunction with mexico sealing its southern border. if they don't do that you revoke the nafta agreements. this solves the problem of the kids being put in danger. >> it isn't going to solve the problem. >> it will. >> many of them, bill, their families are already here. then, if you deport them, some of them, one, i met her, deport them. anna was -- they tried to rape her. she is 17. if she goes back, they are going to rape her or kill her. >> anna should be given -- >> -- do you want to do that? you send them back. that's senseless for them. we can't do that we have got it treat them the same way we treated 125,000 cube began refugees in 1980. they ever refugees. >> that caused a lot of social problem.
8:19 pm
you you know that okay? it caused an enormous problem. >> we accepted them because they were refugees. >> it wasn't like that. carter got hood winked by it and you know the history of that. look, you are a good man, jorge. we have got to stop it we can't absorb it. that's just the brutal fact of the world. last word? >> yeah, yeah. those already here you have got to take care of them. you care about kids. i notice on your web site. 10 out of the 26 charities you support help children. >> yes. >> and that's fantastic, honestly. so if you are willing to help children as far away as romania, i'm sure you and many others can help. >> i want to help as many children as i can, but i want this to stop. >> let's -- central american kids right here. >> i have no beef with that i think we should do it efficiently, orderly and quickly. i give money to the haitian kids, to the mexican kids. >> you do, yeah. >> to all over the world. this madness on the border has to stop. we have a responsibility to have this country secure.
8:20 pm
we are going to talk to jorge on his program. >> with immigration reform we can help it. we are going to continue this with you because you are a good guy as i said and you are a smart guy. directly ahead, new study says things have not improved for american black men in 40 years. why not? then do you believe that barack obama was born overseas some place? new poll tells us how many folks do. those reports after these messages. t!
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8:24 pm
trying to succeed. yesterday the president expanded the program, saying this. >> sometimes african-americans in communities where i work notion of acting white and the notion that there is some authentic way of being black that if you are going to be black, you have to act a certain way and wear a certain kind of clothes. that -- you know that has to go with us author of the book please stop helping us. how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed. i like the initiative brother's keeper, do you. >> there is some good stuff in there admirable goals. whether the president will help achieve those goals. i will give you example. higher black graduation rates for blacks. we know school choice does that we know vouchers do
8:25 pm
that and. this administration is trying to shut down voucher system in louisiana. >> doesn't want to go up against the teacher's union. >> that's talk. >> this program is much narrower. it's basically getting the corporations mentors professional people like you and me to help individuals, black young males who are trying. very noble and it works. >> what we heard the president say in that clip, i wish he talked about that all the time. sometimes i wish that's all he talked about, bill. but that's what blacks need to hear. it's about culture, bill. you know that it's about gightsd out of the way of the black development that has to occur in the black community. >> here is the problem with it and this is from an outsider obviously white guy who has never lived in a black neighborhood but you have. you have a new study that says in the last 45 years black men have not, you
8:26 pm
know, they are going backwards. >> it's because of the way we are trying to help. because of the approach taken by the great society program. blacks ultimately must help themselves. have to develop the same habits and attitudes that other groups had to develop in order to rise. >> how can do you that if you are a child born into a chaotic home? see, this is the whole thing for me and this is why i came out against that beyonce video and charlotte tons like sharpton and these other people who refused to deal with the cultural aspect. say, did you have two parents? >> my parent were divorced buoy but my father was very active. >> you are a black boy and you are born into a home and you are poor. and you have got four or five siblings from four or five different fathers and your father is gone. he is not even around, okay? >> right. >> so the message that you are sending self reliance this and that it never even gets to the kid. >> in terms of what the government can do. they can help stop
8:27 pm
exacerbating that situation. open-ended welfare policies don't help a group develop a work ethic. they don't help encourage responsible parenting or responsible child bearing for that matter. the government needs to stop helping in the ways that it's helping. >> to me it's all about the community doing that. preachers, because african-americans running. all over the place. neighborhood organizers and people like that don't hear that message. you don't hear it. why don't you hear it? >> one of the reasons you don't hear it because the media continues to al sharpton and jesse jackson. >> grievance. >> blacks do it on behalf of themselves. >> why don't they want to talk about that. >> whole separate agenda to keep themselves relevant. which means they want a narrative out there that says, everything, all the problems in the black community are are a result of white racism. not a result of black behavior. but the problem is, the results -- the problems are cultural as bill cosby
8:28 pm
talked about. >> cultural, right. >> as you talked about. a black man in the white house is all well and good. it can't replace the black man in the home. that's where it's got to start. >> do you think president obama understands the problems are cultural? >> i think he does, but when he talks about it, when he says things like he just said, he catches a huge backlash from the black left who wants to keep the focus, again, on white behavior. so i don't think he talks about it as much as he should, because he gets. >> he doesn't want to take the heat. >> exactly. >> like the unions. >> last question. >> people need to hear this from him. >> i think it's more about money than anything else. the grievance industry is a huge industry. >> yes. >> and guys that you mentioned, profit by it. >> absolutely. >> jesse jackson the other day ran before the microphone after all those shootings in chicago and said, send me $2 billion, mr. president. what's jez j jackson going to do with $2 billion? is he going to get black men to pull up their pants? , take care of their kids, finish school? no he is going to use it line his pockets and the organizations he supports
8:29 pm
and keep the focus on what whites should be doing for blacks ininstead of what blacks should be doing for themselves. it serves his interests which is to keep him relevant. >> jesse reilly check out his new book "stop helping us." >> thank you. >> stossel got sued, defending himself cost a million bucks. he won but the ordeal was harrowing. he will be here to tell us about it then a court rules a major part of obamacare is illegal. huge blow to the controversial healthcare (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel like a knot. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like bricks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements. it helps you proactively manage your symptoms.
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stossel matter segment tonight. frivolous lawsuits. owen sued then abc correspondent john stossel. the case lasted four years. cost stossel more than a million bucks to fight it he won and here he is abc news picked up the legal clause, right? >> right. >> but your time was taken, i assume with depositions and all of that, right? right. >> horribly slow. the idea you win even you lose. abc still had to pay millions of dollars. >> millions or a million. >> they won't tell me. it was more than a million. >> millions. >> seven figures. >> lawsuit was based on what? >> i said this guy was running a mill where he had these phony pain machine. he got references from accident lawyers and he would cure their pain. mostly it was pain that would go away on its own. he told me yes, you need jaw treatments. >> i see. >> i said that on the air
8:34 pm
and said he was cheating people and cheating insurance companies, he sued me for slander. saying i have a recommended treatment to stossel. and the exam was on tape. it is 40 minutes. >> it went all through the system. it wasn't thrown out by summary judgment. he didn't have to pay nbc court fees, right? >> every other country in the world has loser pay. >> that's right. that's the way it should be. with the judges, i think the judge has to sign off on it because there are some cases that are close. >> really poor or somebody is running up legal bills. this is the only country where can i see you, lose, and wreck your life, maybe. i don't have to say i'm sorry. >> you don't have to pay out anything because these ambulance chaser lawyers will take it on contingency. >> that's right. >> you don't have to pay anything. can you attack people. that's what they do. you attack people and hurt them through the legal system and walk away. this pinhead dentist, he went to jail, right? >> yeah, he just went to jail. >> good. >> he was caught doing insurance fraud. it took 20 years. >> he is he going to hell. that will be a long time
8:35 pm
couple other frivolous lawsuits want to mention idaho. five prison inmates sued four wine companies and liquor companies, why? >> because alcohol made them rob the store. it wasn't their fault. >> they sued all the big companies. >> all the big alcohol companies, because alcohol made them commit the crime. >> they wouldn't have done it. it was alcohol's fault. >> so they sued? >> right. >> has that been thrown out or is that still underway. >> it was eventually thrown out. it cost everybody money. >> the taxpayers in idaho had to pick that up. >> the judges should just throw these things out. >> that's right. in portland, oregon, a pimp who, you know, sells women for prostitution sues nike for 100 million, why? >> he said the air jordanians should have been labeled that you could use them as a dangerous weapon because he stomped somebody so horribly they gave him 100 year sentence. >> so he stomped somebody,
8:36 pm
almost killed them the shoes fault. with the shoe sued nike for making the shoe that he stomped the guy with. >> that case is still pending. >> he is still in jail for life? >> 100 years, he might live longer. >> it's still in the system? >> right. >> sue nike? >> and i guess loser pay wouldn't stop these guys. the judges are indulgent, too. >> i'm getting waterboarding,. >> you are a little off the top, too. >> if you file a frivolous lawsuit not only do you sue and pay but you get washed too. >> do you know who is endorsing that? dick cheney. >> i'm glad you are not running the country. >> you know it would be a lot better off if i was. when we come right back, is it legal on bad day for obamacare and strippers suing the san diego police department. wait until you hear this. legal is next. in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny.
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8:41 pm
victory speech says we cannot give harry reid one more vote in the u.s. senate. what is kingston saying? >> well, kingston is now fully behind david perdue moving forward now to challenge michelle nunn. this is race is going to be closer than it should she's the daughter of former georgia senator sam nunn. people are predicting this will be a close and hard-fought race. so david perdue has heavy lifting in front of him. jack kingston told me he believes he maim a casual of the anti-incumbent sentiment across the country. david perdue ran as the outsider. now, it's up to him to win the actual seat in november. >> all right. thank you. saying they have to work together in order to pull that off. john, thank you for the update.
8:42 pm
i'm kelly wright. we take you back now to the o'reilly factor. thank you for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the is it legal segment. bad day for obamacare. as you know the through is fairly chaotic and a federal court in washington, d.c. ruled 2 4 to 1 the americans cannot give americans subsidies to buy health insurance. the feds cannot do that. court ruling only the states have that authority and since 36 states don't have any obamacare exchanges attached to them that means millions of americans will not get free healthcare from the new law. however, another court ruled the exact opposite today. here to sort it all out, we hope, attorneys and fox news analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl. this is very complicated. >> right. >> and it's very boring. >> true. >> but it's very important. >> i'm glad we are leading with this. >> okay, now, i just
8:43 pm
outlined the 2 to 1 ruling in the washington, d.c. court. >> correct. >> but another court come in almost an hour later. >> two hours later. >> and says no, you can get the money from the feds; is that correct? >> that's exactly right. >> it's the why behind it. >> the why is they are both looking at the same statute in this huge obamacare, right? and it says only the states can set up this state agency. only the states can then pay you the subsidy. >> why would the other courts say no, the feds can. >> because that court, unlike the first court, said oh, you know, that's open to interpretation. >> interpretation, so they are imposing it's a liberal deal, right? >> interpretation rather than reading the plain meaning of the law. >> you say first court was right. >> i do. >> that the law does not say the feds can provide this money. >> it does not. absolutely on its face. >> second court didn't do their job. >> they interpreted. >> that's the fourth circuit out of virginia and they interpreted in favor of the irs. i think they did so incorrectly and so now.
8:44 pm
>> you both agree it's a political -- >> -- what's going to happen is that the obama administration is going to bring this case forward with respect to the first decision that ruled against them. and asked to have that decision. >> repeal that. >> have that decision heard en banc. >> ultimately this will go to the supreme court again? >> of course. >> but, in the meantime, the feds will pay the money -- >> -- right. exactly. >> they aren't going away right away. >> real quick on this one, guilfoyle. >> fine. >> texas, a crazy woman sent ricin to president obama. correct? >> yeah. 36-year-old woman. her name is shannon guess. she has been in a few roles like vampire diaries, blind side. she is having problems with her husband. so what she tried to do was frame him and set him up by sending these, you know, emails, this information, online under his name and mailing these letters to bloomberg. >> her husband sent to prison. >> right. >> for ricin. >> rite ricin letters. >> she did actually send ricin, right? >> she did. >> she researched it online.
8:45 pm
>> the courts got her. she got sentenced to what? this woman actually is going to get 18 years. >> whoa. >> here's the deal. she was indicted by the federal grand jury. she ended up pleading guilty. she could have gotten more. the judge said i'm giving you 18 years. >> 18 years. >> could have been life. >> $376,000 restitution. mother of six. gave birth in custody. >> wow. >> could have been life. >> 18 years. okay. finally san diego, the police raided a strip club or walked in there. >> right. >> for what reason? wiehl? >> in san diego, in most places, you know, you can, the police can go. in they are not ragdz. they can go in and demand identification of these strippers for drugs and health-related reasons. they can absolutely do that. what they did, what the stripper of the cheetah and stripper club are saying they wasn't beyond that took these pictures, asked them to get basically noon. 10 cops.
8:46 pm
>> 10 san diego pd took part in this operation. >> yes. >> slow day out there, right? meanwhile, 80,000 illegal aliens ran right down route 5 going north. >> i'm not understanding why do they want these guys? >> we are on the side of the strippers. >> i'm glad. why do the police want to monitor these women? >> issue permits. when you get business with permits issued. ask for identification just in case. >> just in case what? >> across their body and they put them in all different kinds of positions naked. >> this was ridiculous, right? >> under the same code, they can get their fingerprints. you have a fingerprint. why do you need a tattoo. >> what it looks like these guys just want to have fun and they went in there and did this it and strippers are suing them. the studio is saying they will probably settle out of court. >> they sue the chief of police as well. >> i have a terrible line should i stay. >> go ahead. >> you see it has nothing to do with how to pay the strippers off. not going to do it. i'm not going to do it.
8:47 pm
pull it back. i did five years ago i would have said it five years ago? >> i'm a shadow of my formerself. i think everybody listening knows what i'm thinking about. how that payment might be delivered. i'm not saying it. ladies thanks very much. on deck, do you believe president obama was born overseas? do you believe aliens are are interacting with us? maybe the ladies? do you believe that u.s. knew about 9/11 before it nexium®, the purple pill, is now available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. because the best moments in life aren't experienced from the sidelines. now there's nothing holding you back. this is nexium level protection™. the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand. now without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™.
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conspiracies, new poll asks 1,000 adults a number of high profile theorys.
8:51 pm
do you believe barack obama is an american citizen? 23% say he's not. 60% say he is, 17% don't know. do you believe kennedy was shot by lee harvey oswald alone? did the u.s. government know in advance we would be attacked on 9/11? 24% yes, 57% no. here now is tom to put it all in perspective. >> they make up their mind. >> they don't know, i believe it's because they want there to be a conspiracy. the obama citizenship obviously, it's a talk. this number doesn't surprise me. 23%, i think we all know the kenya thing is ridiculous. we have proof he was born in hawaii. but a lot of people don't know hawaii is part of the united states. i'm inclined to believe them.
8:52 pm
what is it? it's just a volcano. it's a hole in the ocean floor. >> it is part of the united states. it is a state. >> say you. >> i know, and i'll stand by it. the president was born on a big lump of magma. he may not be a citizen at all, and i think he should be impeached. >> the government knew about 9/11. is it true? before it happened? it's sad when that starts to happen. >> i love conspiracy theorys. who doesn't want to see sa sassquatch in the woods? >> they must hate people in america so much. >> would you stay here? if i thought that we knew about 9/11 before it happened, why would you stay here? i'd go to the galapagos islands. >> a ufo with space aliens on
8:53 pm
board landed in roswell, new mexico in 1947 and the alien is still here. that outranks no. the aliens are living in a motel near route 66. >> that's 55% of people who think this is a possibility. we have a baseball team called the las vegas area 51. >> that's to capitolize on that weirdness. these people believe these aliens are there. >> there's a logo with an alien face on it, forget about the redskins. i think the space alien community should be upset about it. >> it's got a big head. we all know aliens don't look like that. did you see avatar? they're beautiful blue women with cat eyes many. >> is that right? >> yes, you didn't see the jim cameron movie? >> i'm frightened of aliens, i
8:54 pm
believe they're all around us. you may be one of them. if you saw the pod people thing, doesn't tom look like mccarthy? factor tip of the day, that will make your vacation a 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500, its yield is doing a lot better... if you've had to become your own investment expert, maybe it's time for bny mellon, a different kind of wealth manager ...and black swans are unpredictable.
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making your vacation this summer a bit better in a moment. a brand new history quiz posted on billo' the spin is worth listening to this week. if you'd like to become a premium member we have all kinds of free stuff. janet from oklahoma, you talk about presidential power. mr. obama is abusing his power.
8:57 pm
you said president's like nixon abused power aggressively. obama has used the irs for political reasons, sold weapons to criminals and planned immigration crime. if you made those accusations against sammy obama having the same facts you have against barack obama you would lose a huge defamation lawsuit. you need proof, man. you have none. that's why investigations are taking place. saw brit hume nimbly evade your question for who he would pick for secretary of state, hillary clinton. you criticize president obama for playing golf. you subject us to the friv olity of jesse waters. it's always a serious undertone to waters world. o'reilly if you really think the
8:58 pm
people waters talked with around harvard were putting him on. you grossly underestimate the pinheadedness of the general public. jesse's reputation as a roguish scallywag precedes him. the folks were putting him on. i need to know if you and miller will be in dallas. looks like we'll be there march 14th. tickets not on sale yet, but that's the date we think we're going to have. we hope to see you in the show. we hope everyone is coming in the dakotas. fargo in saturday in the fall, vegas, boston, philadelphia, west virginia, bill o' is all the info. i know you don't like difficult questions, will you please explain why you explain mary magdalene as a prostitute? >> she was unmarried at a late
8:59 pm
age for her time. her hometown was known for vice. she felt the need for great repentance and received it. we put out the facts, you the reader make the call. the entire book is that way. two books that will make your travel go faster this summer or make your beach relaxation or mountain climbing more stimulating around the camp fire. new thriller out called act of war, it debuted this week at number one. way to go, brad. my favorite fiction arthur is james lee burke. he has a new book out called wayfaring stranger. it deals with bonnie and clyde. thought you might want to check them out. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news website different from billo' we'd like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the
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world. name and town if you wish to owe peen. word of the day, do not be a popinjay when writing to the factor. miss megyn is next. the spin stops here, we're looking out for you. new developments on a pair of rulings today regarding obama care. the powerful d.c. circuit court of appeals concluding this morning that the way the federal health care exchange, is set up violating the law. it concluded the subsidies offered to make health care affordable were never approved by congress. according to one harvard public health scholar. the ruling will significantly cripple obama care. another liberal scholar agreed,